What a bargain! PAUL SMITH design shirt for two quid!
TRURO CATTLE MARKET-CAR BOOT SALE-Saturday 4th September 2010-09-22
About an hour after the Car Boot Sale started Louise looked around the stalls and found a red & white striped PAUL SMITH extra large shirt and though I will but that for Geoff. It was in great condition and according to the seller only worn on a couple of occasions.
He said it cost him £100.00 and his asking price of £2.00 was paid.
The extra large was washed and ironed but not big enough for me so Lou decided to put the shirt on eBay starting the bidding at 99p
7 days later (yesterday) the shirt was sold for £33.00 and the buyer paid by PayPal within an hour. Lou was so delighted with her profit but it is amazing how many really good bargains are available on the Saturday mornings at TRURO where we get a lot of first time sellers (virgin booters)
If you buy on a regular basis and sell on eBay keep all your receipts for postages and packaging as any income from your sales must be recorded for your end of year tax returns.
This isn’t a ‘nag’ but sound advice as the Inland Revenue want to know about income from eBay sales. Recently one up country seller who was making large sales throughout the year found a £3500.00 tax demand on undeclared income from sales on eBay!!
Good hunting!

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