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Connie, Seren and Lauren will contact our website to give updates on their progress, I am told that readers of these updates will include pictures of the bikini clad threesome whilst on their venture

Our three very popular young ladies CONNIE, LAUREN and SEREN who are well known to our customers are going on this adventure as described below by Connie. We want to help them with the costs involved so we are asking if you have any sellable items that they can store up then they will sell at one of our Car Boot Sales later on in the season. Sellers and buyers will remember we did this a few years ago for Rhianon one of our former students who is now happily enjoying her career having just returned from New Zealand. All of our young ‘girls’ come from Trestherick School, they are totally honest reliable and sensible enough to learn from their experiences  in HAWAII. We wish them well. I have given Connie permission to update this website to give our customers all the latest details of their journey. We wish them well and will support their efforts with a £200.00 donation to get them started. One delightful couple on hearing about their plans gave them a great start by giving them all items that were left unsold on Sunday at TRURO towards funds required for this epic ambition! Below are details of their plans. Geoff of Geoff Says. XXX

Car Boots Cornwall takes oh Hawaii !!!
The three of us love spending time at the beach, swimming, surfing, and having bbq’s! Lauren and Seren study Marine Biology and Conservation, and I study Politics and International Relations. We’ve always loved the idea of going to Hawaii, and working at the Car Boot has allowed us to do just that! In the future we can imagine ourselves living in Hawaii, and want to go there for a couple of months on our gap year. In preparation for this, we are going this summer for a month to get the lay of the land, find volunteering/internship opportunities and jobs for when we go back for longer the year after. There are lots of Marine conservation charities that we’ve got in contact with for Lauren and Seren to do some work experience, and there are some charities working to combat homelessness and addiction which I will volunteer with whilst we are there. We are staying on the North Shore of Oahu, where the World Surf League Championships are held and many shark safaris go from. Hawaii is an expensive place to live, as most things have to be imported from the mainland, we’ve had to save up all our car boot pennies to afford flights and accommodation – it’s cost us nearly £2000 each! It’s a beautiful place with rich wildlife and culture, we are hoping that our experience and time there will guide our future job prospects and hopefully allow us to live there long term! We’ll be going snorkelling with sharks so it could be dangerous! and lots of surfing, swimming, hiking, and cycling! we’re planning on hopping over to another Hawaiian Island, Kauai, to stay for a couple of nights, hiking and making new friends. any extra money we’ve earned from car boot has gone on buying new bikinis and swimsuits as investments for our trip. we love the car boots and all our sellers and customers and appreciate any help to achieve our dreams! Connie, Lauren and Serene Seren. xxx

Posted by Geffers