If you say it works! it must!!

MITCHELL-Saturday Car Boot Sale 18th September 2010-09-22
During a walk around the busy Car Boot Sales at Mitchell Phil from CLAIRES BOUNCY CASTLES decided to buy an EX-BOX at the asking price of £30.00 he was assured by the seller that it was in full working order. What the seller did not know was that Phil was able to test the Ex-Box straight away at his bouncy castle generator and found that the game did not work.
The seller had said ‘it worked’ and as it ‘did not’ work he was entitled to a refund which was begrudgingly given and Phil returned to his stall.
About 10 minutes later Phil noticed a man carrying the identical carrier bag with the same Ex-Box inside! “Have you just bought that from a stall over there” he pointed to the stall that had sold him the not-working game.
The new buyer had agreed but he also had been assured the game worked!
The complaint was brought to me and we accompanied the new buyer to get the second refund of the day on the useless Ex-Box game from the most embarrassed stall holder who was told in no uncertain terms “Do not sell this game again”?
Remember if you are selling any ELECTRICAL items and you claim ‘”YES it works” then it MUST WORK!
CLAIRES CASTLES will happily check electrical items for you at a small cost and these on the spot electrical checks are another way in which you can guarantee you electrical purchase are safe to take home to use!
By the way if you want to hire a BOUNCY CASTLE for your own private parties give CLAIRE a ring on 01209 821170 or on her mobile 07707 002 308
They give a fantastic service and they have Full Public Liability Insurance for all events!

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