Rare (but not insanely) Jimi Hendrix record bought for a quid at FALMOUTH CAR BOOT SALE and sold for £304.00!

What about this knowing nothing about records Mandy walked around the stalls at Falmouth whilst new husband ‘golden balls’ is looking after the stall and her pick up this record and says to the seller ‘How much is this please’ “Yours for a quid” Sold! Now then her takes the record back to their stall and says to new hubby Rob “Look what I bought is it any good it was only a pound’ As a man with a big heart and a tight fisted B’stard to boot he immediately gives new wife Mandy her quid and immediately hyper- ventilates as he realizes the record could go for ‘big money’ so he puts it on e Bay and it sells for £304.00 quids mate! These two are absolutely dedicated to the TV Poldark series in fact they both go weak at the knees at the sight of the main male character but forgive me I do not know his name nor do I want to, anyway the dreadful BBC series recently had a showing of the latest Poldark tripe here in Cornwall when hundreds of square eyed fan followers awaited the arrival of Poldarks main man who did not have the courtesy to show up to the besotted gathering! ‘Kick the bugger off the set’ that’s what Geoff Says, some fans were crying (hilarious fun) FFS that is such blatant rudeness and arrogance SACK HIM!!’ Back to Rob and his £303.00 profit, well done son it could not have happened to a nicer couple and I am sure Mandy who is a former page 3 model of Page 3 newspapers the Times and Telegraph or so I believe. Rob has had some really lucky purchases over the years hence the title golden balls! Well done Falmouth Car Boot Sale for offering such a bargain!! Ps; I might be wrong by calling them Mr & Mrs cos rumour has it they are going to have a big Poldark wedding with all the guests dressed up as the daft Poldark series. Whatever turns you on, if I find out the time and date I will let everybody know on Face-book so hundreds will turn up and Rob will have to buy them all a drink from his profit dear of him!

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