WHO STOLE THE 5 Litre of HAND SANITISER provided for the HEALTH & SAFETY for our customers?

SUNDAY at TRURO Car Boot Sale

We do all we can to provide a safe environment for the safety of all our customers following the guidelines of Cornwall Council. On Sunday we put a fresh 5 litre bottle of HAND SANITISER on the table for our customers Health & Safety so they may sanitise their hands whilst in our care.

Some miserable b’stard decided to steal the sanitiser thereby depriving our team and our customers of hand care at our sale. On the 5 litre container it states 70% Alcohol kills 99.99% Virus & Bacteria!!

Now then, may the person who stole the sanitiser drink the entire contents which are ‘fast acting’ and may their arse explode in their beds during the middle of the night for seven nights in a row followed by them growing ‘penis fish’ up their butt-plug for ever! cheers!!

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