Strange goings on at Mitchell today, were you there?

Here is a lovely email from Chris who is probably not aware of my bent sense of humour but I would love any of you sellers who may have had a similar experience at Mitchell to tell me ‘wot append’ then I can let you know but I think this is a big wind-up my bird!

Act One;

The incoming email;
From: >
Sent: 15 June 2019 17:35

Subject: Strange goings on with the car at Mitchell parking field

Hi, this is an odd request, but I would be grateful if you have any information regarding this phenomenon…

A while ago I was parked by your team right over on the far left of the parking field, about three quarters of the way back parallel to the A3076. I had trouble locking
and then opening my car after the boot fair with my remote key.

I thought the battery was going but had no problem anywhere else since so forgot all about it.

Today, I was parked in the same area again, and it happened again. Are you aware of any other motorists who experience difficulties in that particular area please? I’m sure there must be a mast or other strong signal in that vicinity which blocks my key signal?

Would love to be able to be able to solve this mystery.

Many thanks,


PS: It’s a BMW if that helps?

Act 2;

Geoff Says reply;

Hello Chris,

Thank you so much for your email with strange goings on at Mitchell.

I must admit that I have not received any similar comment or requests for information neither am I aware of any ‘mast with a strong signal’ however I will put your email onto ‘Geoff Says’ to ascertain if any other sellers have had any similar ‘out of body experiences’

Respectfully, I am taking your email in a very light-hearted way because this could be a wind-up? Did you leave your car radio on during the sale because that seriously runs down car batteries and car the keys just give up, sod it like! By the way I have known a few people who have had trouble with BMW’s but that’s another story!

Let’s see if I can get any feedback from my ‘stranger than fiction’ sellers who may have experienced similar to Chris at Mitchell Car Boot Sale on SATURDAY 15th of June 2019 please rest assured that I will not disclose your email address otherwise you could have a few nutters expressing worthless ideas that amount to nothing the dear of them.

Kind regards,


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