Can I start with thanking all of the very kind people for their messages and emails with advice how to deal with cancer of the larynx which has more or less taken over my life for the last year however on Saturday I received a letter following radiotherapy x-ray’s to advise that they had not detected any further cancer cells. The final test is in eight weeks when hopefully I will have completed the treatment with a pass. The staff and radiotherapists have been absolutely superb and professional in every way possible during my 18 weekly visits to the Sunrise Centre at Treliske. Sitting in the reception area to watch the faces of some of my fellow cancer sufferers with nothing to do but to stare into space worrying about their treatment and will it work? There is nothing to do in the reception but wait, no books to read, the NHS signs are boring after reading them several times, their is no clock no calming background music until your name is called over the loudspeaker for your treatment so here we go!
On the first appointment they lie you down on the bed they put a sheet of very warm plastic over your entire face and shoulders they gouge out the eyeballs and open a space for you to breathe. The mould sets very quickly you are unable to speak and you can’t see sod all, the mask is your mask for the 15 treatments and takes 6 different outer space sounds of 5 minute spells of loud noises, you are in lock-down as the bed eventually slides into this tunnel shaped coffin lasting in total about half an hour every day. The whole experience is professionally handled. Apart from the reception area which is my only criticism a coffee machine a bit of music perhaps a television to distract and take peoples concerns away so they are relaxed for their treatment. Go NHS you are 100% appreciated!!
So, does the treatment hurt being bombarded? not really but it stupefies you-you are constantly coughing up gunge that looks like frogspawn and tiredness takes over your body and mind basically you feel like shit for a long-long time also it takes a lot to motivate yourself ffs! I mean, I promised that during my treatment there would be no blunts no spliffs and no weed man until I got the letter and I lit my first toke for over 6 months, it gave me peace of mind as I floated into oblivion daydreaming about happiness whilst sipping a rum of coke, I had rolled three spliffs, I don’t know who smoked the other two. My thanks to my lovely wife Louise who has been so kind in looking after me, I have not been a pain in the ass according to my analyses of the almost one year but I doubt her will agree. Anyway, again thanks for your concerns.
Now then! Have you had your vaccine? I have had both and I must show my appreciation to both surgery’s in Newquay for their attention dealing with the crowds of patients who appreciated the professional approach of the surgery teams. If you have not had the vaccine my only advice is seriously to roll up your sleeves and take the jab, it is more than the ‘slight scratch’ as described by the person administering a life-saving vaccine but if you have balls and you have family and friends around you then ‘take the jab’ my lovers, it is better to talk to you ‘than about you’ dears and we need your dosh please?
My mate Nigel has had his first jab with a little bit of nagging from my missus and myself, on day two he has had lots of pain and didn’t sleep much last night, what a shame poor sod! I have had both jabs and given almost an armful of blood tests during my cancer op whilst they find out ‘is he on the weed’ or not? What a wimp Nigel, wait till I tell Rock-on that you were taken home crying after your jab mate, know wot I mean bud?
We are back!!
Car Boot Sales are BACK from 18th of April at Truro at 1.00 pm then St Columb Major at 2.00pm, safe distancing must apply and whilst masks are optional I would ask that they are worn whilst in the queues please. The ‘gold pass’ system has now come to an end, I am sorry very few will be replaced this season due to the financial loss of our business during the pandemic.
Dear tourists,
Finally, we all love tourists during the summer season but it is pitiful how some of them treat our Cornwall roads and countryside with them chucking rubbish onto our parks our beaches and the main roads into our chosen lands. Please tourists my birds and my lovers show some respects to all of our residents who are proud to live here, I do not doubt that scores of them will be wanting to spend the rest of their lives here in peaceful Cornwall when moving away from London, I don’t blame them, not too many please.
Keep Britain tidy!

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