WELCOME to CUBA and Cornwall

Part 10
Back in yer own bed fs!
We have been to the most of the Caribbean but there was so little to do at the hotels we stayed at with very little outside attractions for the people. The most outstanding surprise is just how very nice the people are the waitresses the bar staff the gardeners we never witnessed any dissent between the hundreds of staff who mostly worked very happily together, shame we Brits aren’t more like that. My personal opinion of Cuba is that the weather and the lovely local people who look after you are the huge bonuses to the holiday industry in Castro-land but there was not a lot to do unless you wanted to go by taxi which would have every chance of breaking down either due to the ages of the vehicles or the bumpy holes in the main roads or you can go by an underfed horse and cart or a pony and trap to take you to see some local house to which from all accounts is totally boring. But the dear ladies in their group of twenty had it all sorted out, let’s just enjoy ourselves be happy and smutty together, have a few drinks for fun and laughter then a few more tipples and if the food wasn’t all that good well you’ve lost weight so that must be a bonus’ my lovelies but my lasting thoughts are that we certainly would not-not go back to CUBA! Although we topped up the tan and had a comfortable part 2 of the holiday. We normally book our holidays through the Internet without an agency THOMAS COOK is such an agency that we certainly would not recommend. Whilst we did not go the capital Havana just to see a few more old cars and a town and its people in a permanent time warp is not our scene. With moving CUBA into the 21st Century the country could and would become a World Class holiday location with massive outside investment or in a dream world the perfect environment for growing and legalising Cannabis which aint gonna happen. The Cubans they are lovely people great weather but not worth the day and a half travelling time both ways from the homeland of Cornwall to Cuba particularly the Costa Verde Hotel allegedly a flagship of THOMAS COOK Holidays.
Playa Pasquero well worth it’s ***** rating apart from their ‘free to piss’ policy?
To my readers of these blogs thank-you I love you all now stop moaning, sorry but I was having a break from writing, I have another much longer story written and forgotten now being updated since 2005 the year when my lovely wife nearly caused my early demise ffs coming soon. Thank you. Geoff X
Now then back to the real-world we are back to learn that Julia had apparently been crying a lot allegedly missing her daughter and me Says Julia, calling me ‘my Geoff!’ oh no, I’m not ffs, but for her own reasons she normally ignores my Lou and to muddy the waters she was so delighted to see me with her loving smiles (it’s indigestion) but of course she was cos I have so much patience with her, she’s got Dementia ffs, let her be herself and let her do her own thing, don’t worry, be happy, love you my Lou, now it’s back to reality, “Drink something Julia or you will dehydrate and die ffs. X

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