Who made Bubbles cry? LATEST!

So who made BUBBLES cry? Tuesday – 31st August – Newquay Circus Fields. As an experiment and celebration of our 21 years running CARBOOTSCORNWALL we introduced FREDDIE ZAPP and his road show with music relating to bygone years. Most people enjoyed it and we will do the same next year with a few variations. I firmly believe live music should be considered as part of the future of Car Boot Sales and Markets and I would encourage some of the sellers of CDs & DVDs to play music from their items for sale. (within reason) BUBBLES sells fancy jewellery and has sold at our Car Boot Sales for many years, she is a favourite with our customers and the kids love her she is normally the happiest of stall holders however; Not all was peaceful in the selling aisles when BUBBLES arrived, I saw her park and was perfectly happy with the position she had taken in the row of sellers and I moved on to deal with the rest of the Car Boot Sellers parking. Mr RUDE from the stall next to BUBBLES marched up to her as she parked her car demanding her to move it, he then started verbally abusing BUBBLES overheard by others and his torrent of abuse made BUBBLES feel unsafe and threatened and she was furious about this unwarranted outburst. Mr RUDE who sells £1.00 a box sweets from a large white van which looks as though it was bought from a war zone has the ability to poke his nose where it was not wanted, however it should go on record that I prevented a certain “Mr M” from giving Mr Rude a well deserved kick in his aniseed BALLS for being rude to OUR BUBBLES who was so upset she CRIED!! Geoff Latest; On Saturday Mr Iam Not Rude came to see me and I got his version of the story which of course was different from Bubbles and her witnesses however he did admit to calling her a ‘stupid old woman’ The laugh is that she must be 20 years his junior! He asked me to take the story off which I agreed but on reflection he did refuse to apologise so I will delay the ‘delete button’ for a further week! Cant wait to see Bubbles she is on her holidays I think! Note; This is a good bit of gossip and all good fun in the end however it has to be said that according to a straw poll of fellow Car Booters Mr I am not Rude is clearly supported my most! Get the tissues ready Bubbles!! Love you…X

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So who is the GRIM READER?

So who is the GRIM REAPER? Posted 24th August

John & Beth opened the gates at 8.30 am to prepare for the 10.00 am sale the forecast was showers to heavy rain so they asked the sellers “INSIDE or OUTSIDE”
INSIDE means you carry your selling items into the spacious cow pens!
OUTSIDE means you sell besides your car! CHILDS PLAY!
I asked 12 of the sellers ‘IN or OUT’ and the majority said OUT!
The 32 sellers were then parked outside to set up their stall and I started the sale at 9.55am
Shortly afterwards it started to rain and two sellers asked if they could ‘GO INSIDE’ I told most of the other sellers ‘if you want to go inside help yourself’
I travelled on to Mitchell to see the Landlord so we could make a decision if the 1.00 pm CAR BOOT SALE would go ahead because of the rain.
A lady phoned in a furious state calling me a conman and demanding a refund as she had been to TRURO selling in the rain!
I advised her that other sellers had moved inside but her complaint was so offensive I told her to send me an email about the complaint, more abuse so the call was ended!
I then received this text;
Your Boot Sale all weather Scam has been rumbled your £6.00 charge is for all facilities is false.
I will take my business elsewhere.
Your £6.00 gain will become a much greater loss. What goes around comes around.
Remember my words.
The Grim Reaper!
So she took her business elsewhere and arrived at MITCHELL (ours) to be told that the Car Boot Sale was cancelled due to rain!

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End of Season? Not for ages!

A lot of customers think that once August Bank Holiday is over then its winter and we will close all the Car Boot Sales! Not so!
I have not made any decisions regarding the ‘end of season dates’ but here is an indication!
Sunday MABE will continue to October
Tuesday & Thursday at Newquay Circus Fields beyond October.
Fridays at FALMOUTH at least up to Early December
Saturday at TRURO will change to Sundays at Truro at 1.30 the week after MABE closes.
Saturdays at MITCHELL beyond October.
Saturdays at ROYAL CORNWALL SHOWGROUND early October!
If you want something organised over Christmas-TALK TO ME!!!
PADSTOW is the first of our locations to end its season on WEDNESDAY 15th September at 12.00 noon…….FREE to SELLERS!


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Large Dogs are not allowed in any of the selling areas. We have come to this decision due to a 3 dog fight at PADSTOW and dogs fowling in the selling aisles.
If things do not improve we wili consider BANNING all dogs from our Car Boot Sales.
This is certainly what we do not want to see at our Car Boot Sales…2 or 3 large dogs.
What chance of the owners got to spend money?

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The Gold Pass passes on…….

21 years ago we started Car Boot Cornwall and over the early years we met some wonderful people who helped us in may ways as we built up the reputation of our Car Boot Sales at the various locations.

As a gesture of goodwill I decided as a ‘THANK YOU’ to a few dedicated and loyal supporters we would give them a GOLD PASS that entitled them to free admission for themselves and one guest.

The holders (30 in all) appreciated the gesture but you always get someone who want to bend the system.

We received complaints from some customers who did not have the pass that the system was unfair
as it was being abused by the minority of holders.

After checking we found that the pass was being loaned to other persons, photocopies were made and the false passes used but the straw that broke the camels back was to drive in with 4 persons in the car show the Gold Pass and say the next car with another 4 persons is with me, gaining unfairly free admission for 8 persons!

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