I had 4 complaints about not holding a Car Boot Sale on Friday cancelled due to the snow covered and very dangerous iced up Car Park.

4 complaints does not make a Boot Sale!

We will hold the Boot Sale this FRIDAY subject to weather and ground conditions.

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Despite the promised heavy showers the Christmas
Fayre went ahead on the 4th December at 10.00am

Sadly one couple of sellers who arrived late were in a furious mood with each other and decided to pack up and go home. The trouble is that others took it as their cue to go early spoiling it for other sellers.

The day was good for most people I spoke with and some sellers took very good money.

Thank you to all our customers buyers and sellers who supported us on the day.

Thank you…………………Geoff

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Yet another FRIDAY off!

We have had a rotten season at Falmouth this year what with having less use of the grassed area than any year before and the dreadful state of the grounds and road.

Today I went to see if it would be safe to use for FRIDAYS Car Boot and the grounds are laden with snow and widening potholes.

The Council own this land and should invest by putting right the damage done over several years by their own contractors.

PLEASE in the interest of Public Safety and the Falmouth Community.


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We went to the Royal Cornwall Showground this afternoon and although it is COLD there was no snow at all.

There are over 100 spaces booked, think of the BARGAINS can you afford to miss it!
See you there,

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Our SPECIAL CHRISTMAS Car Boot/Flea Market/Arts & Crafts/Fun Day/Fancy Dress Fayre
Saturday December 4th from 10-00 am to 5-00 pm
For those who have booked and paid in advance where possible receipts have been sent with further information about the event.
If you are selling you may arrive from 8.00 am and we will direct you to your selling area in the Exhibition Hall. You may drive in and once you have unloaded please move your vehicles to the Car Park at the rear of the building.
Remember to put your table into your car last thing you will need carrier bags, change, felt tip pens, sellotape and cards to write your prices. See HOME PAGE 1-20
Put some warm clothing on and make sure you wear comfortable shoes with at least two pairs of socks and a hot drink for when you arrive. Full Catering is provided and good toilet facilities are available! Listen to me WRAP UP, bring a blanket!
The bookings are going well for this event, the weather will play it’s part but we are indoors and have well advertised. There will be BARGAINS GALORE from some of the stalls doing Car Boots and other traders for the first time!
Don’t forget the FANCY DRESS but above all be positive for the day to be successful for YOU!
Enjoy yourselves!

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The following dates have been agreed for DRIVE-IN Car Boot Sales at WADEBRIDGE on WEDNESDAYS from 10.00am to 2.00pm
January 19th and 26th
February 2nd 9th and 16th (not 23rd)
MARCH 16th 23rd and 30th

SATURDAYS from 4.00pm onwards
April 9th 16th 23rd and 30th and May 7th

ROYAL CORNWALL SHOW June 9th 10th and 11th

Return date for Summer is 2nd July

The idea is that cars will drive in to the Exhibition Hall and set their stall up besides your car always in the dry-some outside stalls.

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The stall spaces of 6’6 x 2’6 are going to be £10.00 and we will sell them in advance.

Send me an email to book and payment can be made either by cheque or in cash to either our Falmouth Car Boot Sales on FRIDAYS at 12.30 pm
or at

This is a BARGAIN bookable price;

email address to;

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Mitchell-End of Season!

Well we tried!
The ground conditions looked promising but after seeing a couple of poor VAN drivers skidding and ripping up the grass I decided that it was time to end the season.

Thank you to all our buyers and sellers who have supported Mitchell Car Boot over the years and we look forward to meeting up with you again at the new season which will commence in April 2011


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Sadly its end of season time at Newquay Circus Fields we have met some lovely people the tourist have been magnificent and the locals have been truly supportive.

A special word for sellers and Market traders for giving good value to their customers and for creating a ‘special happy atmosphere’ widely complimented by our customers!

Watch our for our winter dates!


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We have booked this date on request from buyers and sellers-its up to you to support this special fun day with;
Car Boot Stalls
Flea Market Stalls
Antiques & Bric a Brac
Arts & Crafts
Christmas Gifts
Food Stall
Market Traders
Indoor Location; some outside stalls available
Fancy Dress-Christmas or Nursery themes-Prizes
Male Voice Choir
Best Stall Prizes

More to follow;

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